Cooling Kits Best for Your CAD Workstation

When you are going to do serious number crunching, cooling is essential. Even though many systems nowadays come with some kind of cooling solution already in place, gamers, CAD and pretty much every performance-enthusiast wants to tweak around for more number-crunching power. This is where custom cooling comes in. Your CPU is the heart and brain of your system, regardless of how powerful your graphics card may be. A drop in the temperature around it allows for faster expulsion of heat which leads to faster processing speeds. Let’s first compare the different kits on offer.

Types of Cooling Kits

There are many types of cooling techniques, but most fall under the three main categories of cooling material. These three types of cooling methods are air, liquid, and material (passive). While liquid and air cooling are obvious, passive cooling is based on the use of conducting materials. Metal parts, such as plates, fins and plates, are placed above the heat generating part. Place the metal parts (either fins, plates or other) directly above the heat-generating part. This allows the metal part to absorb the heat and transfer it to the cooler surroundings.

Category of low-priced items

Alphacool NexXoS UT60 Full copper Radiator 360, 120mmx3, Triple Fan

The whole water cooling system just seems perfect with this product. Alphacool must have been ablaze with this product (pun intended). The Copper 120mm radiator is a perfect example of not skipping work. It has enough space to accommodate all your needs while still allowing you to heat efficiently.

RX240 Dual Fan Radiator V3

This kit is an air-based cooling system. It allows you to place up to two fans in the heat sink’s body. The fans will heat the CPU and push it outside. The fins then expel the heat, and the fans will take it. This kit is affordable at just USD 100 and will provide you with revit performance that is both regular and mid-grade.

Mid-priced category

CoolMaster MasterLiquid Pro 280

CoolMaster’s MasterLiquid 280mm liquid-cooler family, CoolMaster, is the most advanced. Two 280mm fans, each with a square fin design and FEP tubing for liquid transfer, sit right on top of your CPU. The pump provides a 40% increase in liquid flow over the previous models. The manufacturer claims that the unit will last for almost 1,75,000 hours, almost 20 years. The best part? All this is usually available for less than USD 120.

CoolMaster MasterAir Maker 8

We also offer an air-powered cooling system from the same manufacturer, which can be ordered online using the 3D-printed parts. The cooling system uses a unique proprietary technology to cool the fan. The heat sink block of high-density is connected to the base plate via four U-Type heating rods that carry heat upwards. It costs just USD120.

High-priced category

The EK-KIT P360 is available for USD 300, depending on where and when. The 360 is for the 360mm heatsink, which is paired with an EK-Vardar F3120 fan, which produces 1850rpm. Water pump equipped with LRT tubing and a reservoir. This fitting is compatible with the Intel Sandy Bridge sockets and other popular brands. You can now relax knowing that this product will be delivered with an ATX bridging plug, a Y-cable splitter and two fans.