Who should get a Personify loan?

Personify Financial loans can be tempting if you are in financial trouble. The lender will disburse loan funds within one business day. It does not require a minimum VantageScore requirement of 500 and there is no income requirement.

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You should explore all options before you turn to Personify or any other high-cost lenders. You could end up spending more than what you borrowed initially due to the high APRs and fees associated with Personify. This example was calculated using NextAdvisor’s loan calculator.

Jeff borrows $2,000 and is eligible for a 3-year term. His loan interest rate is 150% and a 5% origination charge is added to the loan amount. Jeff will only pay $9,131.54 if he makes his monthly minimum payments and pays his loan on time. This includes interest, which is more than $7,000

Personify loans can be difficult to repay due to their high interest rates. We don’t recommend Personify loans or other high-interest loans unless we have no other options.

To reduce interest and speed up the elimination of the loan, you should create a payment plan. Personify does not charge prepayment fees so it won’t matter if you pay your loan early.

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Alternatives to a Personalify Loan

Before applying for a Personify personal loans, you should consider these options:

Ask for help from family and friends. Although asking loved ones and relatives for money is not ideal, it can be much more beneficial than borrowing high-interest loans. A small loan from a family friend or relative could be a better alternative to borrowing large amounts of money. This route is best for you both. Make sure you and your friend agree on the loan repayment terms. Also, stick to a payment schedule that works for you.

Look into local assistance programs. There may be non-profit assistance programs available in your locality. You may be eligible for assistance with housing, food and transportation costs, depending on your circumstances. To find resources close to you, contact 2-1-1

You can sell unused items. You can quickly sell unused clothes, electronics, books or furniture that you don’t use.

You can apply for a loan with bad credit. Personal loan lenders are available to help people with bad credit or fair credit. Many of these lenders have interest rates capped at 36%, which is the highest rate NCLC allows lenders to charge while still giving borrowers a chance to repay the loan on-time.

How do I Qualify to Receive a Personify Loan?

Personify will review the following when evaluating your application:

  • Lenders will need to know about your income and employment.
  • Bank account. A valid checking account is required.
  • Credit report. Personify will review your credit report, looking at your outstanding debts and payment history.

Location. Personify must be located in the state where you reside. Personify loans were available as of September 2021 in Alaska, Arizona, Delaware and Florida.

Personify takes into account your VantageScore when determining credit score. To be eligible for a loan, borrowers must have a VantageScore of 500 or higher.

Personify does not have a minimum income requirement. We reached out to Personify for more information. A representative stated that there is no minimum income requirement, but applicants must have sufficient income to repay the loan. This is reflected in the minimum payments and debt-to income ratios.

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How to apply for a Personalify Loan

Personify Financial is not a lender we recommend. If you have exhausted all other options and you are in desperate need of money, however, you might consider applying for a loan from Personify Financial. You can use the prequalification tool of the company to determine if you are eligible for a loan.

If you are able to proceed with your loan request, the company will need your contact information, photo identification and employer details. They also require your routing and checking numbers.

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A loan agreement will be sent to you detailing the loan amount, repayment terms and total repayment cost. You must agree to the agreement before the loan can be granted. Personify will issue your loan once you have returned the signed agreement. You could get your funds the next day depending on the date you signed the agreement.