TodoDeku Canon

Izuku was the breaking point. He helped Shoto embrace his own self-worth by helping him recognize that the connection between quirks and parents is not what really matters, but that it was something that they, as individuals, have. Shoto’s father, The Number 2 Hero Endeavor was a shy man and Izuku became intimidated by him. Shoto defended Shoto with the words “I am not All Might.” TodoDeku doesn’t know you either. This scene is the iconic one. “It’s your strength, isn’t ?!”.” Shoto can clearly see that Shoto is crying after Izuku has said this, and Shoto responded with his fire. Izuku helped Shoto during the fight, even though he was using only half of his power and would most likely defeat him. This was a sign that Izuku was more concerned about TodoDeku’s welfare than winning.

The fight brought them closer and they formed a strong friendship. Shoto began to approach people more easily and express his feelings. As he became more confident, Izuku started to work harder to improve his individuality.

Fights Bakugou

Shoto shared his past with Midoriya, as well as his suspicions and fears, after the cavalry battle. Both accepted their rivalries, with Bakugou listening in between them. Midoriya shouts to the middle of the crowd “Don’t Lose!” as TodoDeku fights Bakugou. Do your best! Do your best!”

The Vs. Izuku was in a tight spot while trying to save Tenya Iida (“Hero Killer”) Stain. He sent a secret signal to his phone to find his location. Shoto – though hesitantly questioning whether he was really in trouble – was the first to respond and came to his aid. TodoDeku showed that they are not close friends but have an intimate understanding of one another.

Midoriya listens to Shoto speak to Chief of Police Tsuragamae and attempts to stop him from getting angry.

Shoto later became angry for his friend Iida and Shoto because they were fighting against the law. This was despite the fact that they stopped a serial killer. It showed Shoto’s moral strength as well as how important Midoriya was to him.

Midoriya, who is in a dilemma regarding Kota Izumi during the Forest Training Camp arc due to how the child hates heroes and Midoriya wanting to help but not being intrusive, was shown to be in a predicament.