The Best “Walmart Desk Lamp” for 2021

The right walmart desk lamp could make or break your office setup. A lamp that adjusts to your needs can be a great choice. It has different color options and brightness settings. This lamp reduces eye strain, especially if you work long hours. The right walmart desk lamp can tilt, tilt, and adjust in height (except if it offers 360-degree coverage), to illuminate whatever you are working on.

Walmart desk lamps can even charge your smartphone. A walmart desk lamp should be easy to use. Some are even intuitive. We compared these criteria to determine the best walmart desk lamps.

Best Overall: LumiCharge LED Smart Walmart Desk Lamp

Controls: Touch | Height: 16 inches | Weight: 3 pounds | Multiple brightness/color settings: Both | Swivel/tilt:

LumiCharge LED Smart Adjustable Desk Light is our top choice. This lamp ticks all the boxes and offers many additional features. This stylish and sleek desk lamp comes in three different LED light colors: soft white, white and yellow. There are also 10 brightness levels that can be adjusted. You can also tilt and swivel the light to ensure you always find the perfect position. You can also set the motion sensor to automatically turn the light on when you approach it.

  • Best with Wireless Charging
  • Height: 14 7/8 inches

Vari LED Task Lamp + wireless Charger gear comes with a quick-charge, wireless charger built into the base. It keeps cords from cluttering up your desk and makes it convenient and easy to charge your phone. It is nearly 15 inches high, but it has a compact design that takes up very little space on your desk. There are four color options: warm, soft, natural, and cool. It can also tilt to a variety of degrees. It also features simple touch controls at the base.

Is it important that walmart desk lamps can swivel/tilt?

Walmart Desk lamps that tilt or swivel are more functional. These lamps allow you to concentrate on one area or illuminate your entire workspace. They can be moved closer to highlight specific details, or further away to make them more visible. An arm should be long enough to illuminate a large desk. An additional advantage to adjustable arms and heads is their ability to reduce glare.