Yearly Air Conditioner Servicing In Singapore

As homeowners, people usually know that they must repair their major electrical appliances in order to function effectively. This can protect time and energy as well as money and stress. An electrical appliance that was easily neglected so far in the past may have been a household air conditioning system. For yearly Singapore aircon servicing contract , please visit our website for more information . For more information , please visit our aircon servicing singapore website.

However, annual air conditioning repairs will keep your home cool when it gets hot in the summer and extend the life of your respective units. Before you contact the your Singapore area service staff to repair your equipment, there are a few methods that can help you ensure that the air conditioning equipment is performing at its best.

Check and replace filters regularly. Usually monthly will be standard to replace the heating or air conditioning filter. You can do it more often at your discretion, especially during the hottest months.

Keep your equipment away from bushes and debris. This may make the device run better.

Clean the outside of each equipment. You just need to rinse with an interval. Again, this increases efficiency.

You should make an appointment for the maintenance of the aircon once a year, and as long as you feel that the device is not able to operate normally as recommended by the manufacturer. Without routine maintenance, air conditioning units can lose efficiency of up to 5% annually. While air conditioning unit repairs seem to be an attractive and expensive deal, in the long run, you can indeed reduce your electricity bills and reduce the cost of repairing your phone.

So, what do you expect from a technician in Singapore during air conditioning maintenance? Actually a lot. They will check the coolant level (often referred to as Freon) to make sure it meets the operating instructions recommended by the manufacturer. If needed, add more Freon. They should also check the fan belt with the device and add oil to the fan motor as needed. If the equipment coil becomes dirty, a technician can clean it, if you have not already done so, replace the filter. Operating temperatures and pressures will also be measured again to see if they are calibrated in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s instructions.

Never try to repair your own air conditioner or hot box in Singapore unless you have got the proper training and get permission to do so. By doing air conditioning maintenance once a year in Singapore, you will ensure that your equipment will be in good condition for the next few years!